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Narmadiya Shriram Nirakshit Vriddhashram (Narmadiya Seva Foundation) 54 Kanyakubs Nagar Near Namaskar Tent House Vidyadham temple Aerodrum Road, Indore

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Shreeram Nirakshit Ashram is governed by Narmadiya Seva Foundation where work in done considering 3 main points-

  • Providing free shelter for all the elder people living on the streets who have no shelter.
  • The children who have left them for any reason, in such a case, re-coordinating with the children and parents for Counselling Sessions , coordinating with the police from time to time to ascertain the counseling & its status and with the help of the police, educate the children to make them realize the responsibility.
  • The parents or the elder people who are alone in the city & their children are out (You might also be in this category) ,they are served in their own home, such as medicine supply, Dr visit, needed materials, electricity bill, gas cylinder ,and arrangements for all the items used in their use.
  • Besides this, Day Care is also being made for the elderly people living around the ashram, where people can come and spend their spare time in the ashram & can play some Indoor Games also .

If you want to cooperate in any way or if you find any homeless distressed elder contact us, we will keep them with us for free.

Make your life count by Donation & not Duration. A small step can be the reason of big smile which will be priceless. Your no use goods can be useful for some & can raise standard of living for some. So just take out time only to gather the goods like toys,books,clothes ( well conditioned) & donate it through our site.

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