God Didn’t Divided Us But Human Itself Did !!

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Alia was an elementary school teacher, teaching was not her calling but rather her profound intrigue and the things finished with intrigue brings out extreme outcomes. As she loves to share knowledge and help improve others life and especially of poor kids.

Consistently the school sorted out a field trip for telling the children about the external world as well and to adopt new things. It was session’s first field trip so the administration chose to begin the trip by visiting a holy place – A Temple.

A kid named Ashhad studying in nursery class, came keenly dressed for the field trip and was energized just like the other kids. His grandpa came to drop him and Alia said to his grandpa that sir please come to pick up Ashhad at 10:30, his grandpa answered why so early??? She said we are going for a field excursion to the sanctuary that is the reason. He said what? I don’t have any idea in regards to this and I haven’t be informed about the same as well !! Alia said – sir, we already communicated about this trip to Ashhad’s father, and he had given permission for the same.

Ashhad began to play with his classmates and couple of around 10 minutes his grandpa came back and said to Alia, “I am sorry ma’am I can’t permit Ashhad to go to the sanctuary”. Alia attempted to persuade him to a great deal yet he cannot be persuaded and took his grandson with him.

While going Ashhad asked Alia “Ma’am for what reason is grandpa taking me back home”??? Before Alia could answer anything his grandpa said dear we are going for an excursion that is the reason, however, Ashhad continued looking towards Alia…..

“We call ourselves as open-minded or modern, however, would we say we are so? Embracing present-day modern doesn’t imply just wearing today’s fashion outfit however the mindset and the reasoning likewise should be current”. Ideally one day individuals will realize this thing.

The small kid will always have this question why his grandpa didn’t allow him to go to the field trip? And the day he will come to the reason that, he will get the negative impression and same will be communicated to other kids as well and that will go on. Reading this story we all got to know the reason why Ashhad’s grandpa didn’t allowed him to join his friends for the trip.

Same happens while we are helping poor needy people, some peoples just because of religious point of view take their step back from helping others, or misbehave with them as they are of different religion. To help others doesn’t ask for any religion it just asks for a kind heart and willingness to offer helping hand to poor or needy people

God never ask their devotee to discriminate anyone on basis of their skin color, caste-creed etc all they want is to make one’s life worth living by doing good deeds, to do good to others and bring smile on others face.

Kids learn by watching the activities of their elders and whats happening in their surrounding, so we should always be aware of our behavior and take care of the activity we do in front of the kids.

Treat everyone with love, care and always try to give the best response to others with a smile. 🙂

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