Happiness Depends On What You Can Give

With Social Help Care, you can give hope and help to those in need.  We connect a generous heart like you with underprivileged, looking for a helping hand. Poverty follows a vicious cycle and we are here catalyzing better education and livelihood to build a tomorrow that works for the poorest.

Our intention is to encourage the act of kindness by making the process simple and offer the door-step collection, with proper receipts and acknowledgment for your donations.

If you are thinking of helping, you are in the right place.

Donate Used Stuff

The act of kindness is not always about money, even a small contribution of your stuff that you do not need any more counts. You can donate used wearable clothes, domestic goods (bed sheets, curtains, linens, and blankets), books, toys, and even more.
It’s not about the item, it’s the spirit of giving that matters.
So, decided to offload today! A lot of good Samaritans believe in giving away than throwing stuff and often don’t have time to search NGOs or a suitable recipient. Now, with Social Help Care you can donate unwanted stuff in a meaningful way in order to benefit and secure basics needs of the needy. All you need to do is initiate pick-up request through website or phone call and Social Help Care team will collect the stuff from your doorstep.

Sponsor Child Education

There is no greater gift than the gift of education.
We envision a future where every capable person cannot see child lives being deprived of education. And we believe that every human being deserves to live with dignity not dependence. Anyone can make a difference in a life of a child through sponsoring orphaned or impoverished children.
Social Help Care will connect you with a child who needs financial aid to pursue his dreams of learning, along with suggestions for schools. You can pay either to Social Help Care and we will take care of the further payment to School or directly to the School. Our team will provide you with regular updates and reports with the progress of the child you sponsored.
Let generosity poured in from across the world!

Become Volunteer

Good deeds require helping hands.
If you want to serve, we will be more than happy to have you onboard. You can volunteer to help us function smoothly, or even volunteer your special skills to help us teach kids, or train youths and women to make them employable. Let us work together towards a greater cause and help those in needs. Share your best skills to bring out amazing talent from the run-down neighborhood. Volunteers will communicate and suggest child who want education scholarship and school for admission.
Grab the chance to do internship and get certificate from the registered NGO.

Donate Money

You can contribute to this social cause by donating funds. India is no stranger to income inequality. Let’s help bridging the gap between two sets of people by donating money. Donors will be donating money to support child education in slum/deprived areas and will be getting regular update from our team on where the money has been used.
We make sure your donations are utilized in the most optimum way to help the poor and unprivileged.

Our Vision

To Provide Support and Helping Hands to NGO’s in the Noble Cause of Donation for Poor and Orphans.

“Promoting Generosity”


To Establish an Organization which can help you Donate your things that are no more useful for you but quite Important for Someone.

“Become a Helping Hands for Needy”


We combine Details of NGO’s and make sure to provide them maximum possible help with the help of Social Contribution.

”Bringing More Meaning to Life”

We also Support indian Army



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