Help Needy with your Belongings and Feel the Pleasure of Helping Others

We collect those products which are no more useful for you and deliver it to the needy and poor people.

We Make a Living by What We Get. We Make a Life by What We Give.”
― Winston S. Churchill

One of the biggest happiness in life is to be the reason for someone’s smile and what can be better if you can do it all for free?

Not all of us are privileged to be born in a family where our needs are taken care of. If you really wish to make a difference in the life of all those who are not so fortunate you can now do so, without making any monetary contribution.

The purchasing power of the modern consumer has grown exponentially, which means, every year, we buy new cloths, Toys for kids etc. which are no longer used down the line. Instead of stuffing your cupboard with unused Clothes, Toys you can give them to someone in need like orphanage or disaster relief organisation where it will be utilized in a better way.

“Being Successful doesn’t make you great, what makes you Great is Helping Others to become Great “

Why Helping other’s is Precious?

  • It has been found in a study that people who gave to others tend to score much higher on feelings of joy and contentment than individuals who did not give to others.
  • Donation not only brings a smile on the faces of the recipient, it also helps the donor to feel more satisfied.
  • It helps to de-clutter your home and make space for new items. Additionally it’s a great way to recycle your old items.
  • Lastly, when you donate through us, we provide you with Thank You reward.

At Social Help Care, we provide full transparency and we are committed in bringing the world closer through the spirit of co-operation and kindness.

How it Works


You can call us for a Pickup Request.

Collection at your Doorstep

We will reach at your place upon your Pickup Request and will collect the things you want to donate.


We will then deliver it to Poor People or NGO Organizations who are in need of it.


We will Send Thank You Letter for your Help and Charity.

Gallery Update

We will take Pictures while donating your Stuff and will upload it on our social page or Gallery page for maintaining complete Transparency.


To Provide Support and Helping Hands to NGO’s in the Noble Cause of Donation for Poor and Orphans.

“Promoting Generosity”

To Establish an Organization which can help you Donate your things that are no more useful for you but quite Important for Someone.

“Become a Helping Hands for Needy”

We combine Details of NGO’s and make sure to provide them maximum possible help with the help of Social Contribution.

” Bringing More Meaning to Life”

Would you like to help