We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

One of the biggest happiness in life is to be the reason for someone’s smile and what can be better if you could do it all for free. Not all of us are privileged to be born in a family where our needs are taken care of. If you really wish to make a difference in the life of all those who are not so fortunate you can now do so, without making any monetary contribution.
The purchasing power of the modern consumer has grown exponentially, which means, every year, we buy new cloths which are no longer used down the line. Instead of stuffing your cupboard with old cloths, you can give them away to some orphanage or disaster relief fund where it will be utilised in a better way.

How it works

Share things gain happiness

We follow a very simple procedure for making donation. Simply place a call and let us know what items you have for donation. If you have multiple items, group them in separate boxes and we can schedule a pickup depending on the requirement of the NGO’s in your nearby area. Alternatively you can do the same from our website

  • Log into our website and select you location
  • You will see a list of NGO’s in your area. Each NGO has different requirement.
  • Select one or multiple NGOs who match your requirement and schedule a pickup.
  • A small fee may be charged for transportation and the pickup service will be offered at your location which can be your office, home or any other place of your choice.
  • All the donations will be collected at the collection center, to verify the quality of the goods.
  • We will find NGOs or areas that require the goods and deliver it to them.
  • Pictures will be uploaded on our Facebook page and the donor will be provided with an acknowledgment receipt.
  • Social Help Care Association does not accept Any CASH as a donation. We only accept Donation Via Cheque or Direct Bank Transfer (like internet banking, google pay or Paytm to authorized Association Number etc.).

At Social Help Care, we provide full transparency and we are committed to bringing the world closer through the spirit of co-operation and kindness.

If or when you want to sponsor a child’s education, you can get a  consultation from our website, i.e., Socialhelpcare.org or you can simply call us on +91-9827724380.

  • Once you have got the consultation, we get you in contact with the child and will help find an institution and enroll the child into it.
  • You can pay the amount to social help care and we can pay it to the institute, or you can pay directly to the institution, as we believe in full transparency.
  • If it’s okay with the institute, we can also provide you with the performance reports of the child, with your acknowledgment receipt.

become a volunteer

How Can Donation Help You

  • Giving things away makes you a happier person. It has been found in a study that people who gave to others tend to score much higher on feelings of joy and contentment than individuals who did not give to others.
  • Donation not only brings a smile on the faces of the recipient, but it also helps the donor to feel more satisfied. It reduces the amount of stress and helps to achieve better help.
  • It helps to de-clutter your home and make space for new items. Additionally, it’s a great way to recycle your old items.
  • Lastly, when you donate through us, we provide you with reward points.  When you accumulate sufficient reward points, you can encash it for gift vouchers for any brands of your choice.

Core team

Dharmendra Solanki

Pushpendra singh

Shruchi Nagar
Vice President

Manoj Chouhan

Aditya Bannatwala

Jintendra Solanki

Vikram Bais

Pankaj Devi


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