Your Words Have The Power To Change Someone’s World

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Since childhood, we are taught that, always be polite and kind with your words and always help others. But helping others does not mean monetary help only, in fact I personally believe that we can help in many ways which are better than the monetary help.

Infact, I personally believe that if you really want to help someone then choose better option rather than monetary help like…. helping the person to do something in life, inspiring them, help in settling in life, help in making career, help in work, or help in giving challenges. Believe me, if you really have someone close to you….. Giving challenge without any monetary help will make them independent and that’s the real help. Helping with money, you can help one time….. But helping in settling someone in their career will have Long life impact to your good will.


Yes, Believe me. I am saying it right.


Let me share one simple story,


We have often seen that, some people are rude in behavior but are kind-hearted while some are good in behavior but not good by heart, they hide their real feelings for others, they can’t see if something good happens to others and they never step forward to help others. But the one who are just opposite of such people, always try to help others, in the best possible way they can do.


An old-aged man was sitting on the road-side, he was a beggar and blind. He was asking for a penny, by keeping a board on beside him, on the card-board it was written – “I’m Blind Please Help ME…” People were moving around, some were giving a penny, some were busy in their own and simply ignoring him. The days were passing and he was hardly getting 4-5 pennies a day.

One fine day, a lady passed from the same street and she saw the old-man, but she moved and suddenly in a second she stepped back and turned around, came to the blind old beggar and that worked as a miracle. The beggar touched her feet, was trying to find out what the lady was doing but was not able to find out. After the lady moved from there the old-man started getting pennies in unexpected manner, his bowl was full, the old-man was astonished and thinking that what that lady had written on the card-board ??


After few days, the lady again passed from the same street and met the old-man, on that fine day, again he recognised the lady by touch her feet and then asked her Ma’am what you wrote on my card-board that day, that I am receiving more pennies compared to my previous days ??? The lady with smile replied I just wrote – “It’s A Beautiful Day And I Can’t See.” The old-man also smiled, said kind words thanking her and gave her blessings.

Just like the words written  by the lady on card-board of beggar changed his days. To help someone in any form is important and not how you are helping.


Always take out time for helping others, do charity or donations or guide with kind words so that you can change someone’s life…

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