Your Every Behaviour Is Noticed

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Each day whatsoever you do or you are doing is been noticed and copied by one or many, especially the one who is living with you in your house. If you behave good, it will create a good image and if you do bad it will create a bad image.

The children during their childhood love to copy their elders and often we enjoy when they do so, but when we do something negative and the same is copied by the small kid, then we punish them. 

We never give a thought on the incident, we think we have punished the kid or kids now everything is fine. But actually, nothing is fine, punishing the kid is not the correct way to correct your mistake. You have to work on it.

Small children are innocent they don’t know what is good? what is bad? It is we who can teach them the difference between good and bad. 

A small 5-year old boy, everyday noticing that his parents where talking in a bad manner with his grandma. As his grandma was 70 years, her eye-sight got weaken, she uses to hear loud, she was not able to take care of herself and do her work.

One fine morning she was looking for her specs, she asked her daughter-in-law to help her find her specs, but she shouted in a very bad manner and started speaking bad things, her son noticed but didn’t utter a word, then the old lady asked her son to find her specs, but unfortunately he too behaved in rudely, his son noticed him too.

Next day in the morning, the father of little boy was searching his specs and asked his son to help him find out his specs, but he was shocked with revert given by his son. His son replied to him in the same way as he replied to his mother just a day before. And he scolded him, by saying is this the way to answer your parents?? The little boy replied to his parents that- You too are replying like this to grand-ma every day, so what’s wrong if I have replied to you in the same way.

There was complete silence in the house, and little boy’s parents head got bend down and they realized their mistake. They understood that their everyday activity is noticed and copied by their son and he is learning from their behaviour. 

The couple felt ashamed of their behaviour and made apologize to the old lady. The lady smiled and said It’s OK. But she didn’t say anything else except those two words, the grand-ma told her grandson, my dear son before you copy someone always makes an analyze whether it’s right or wrong?

The grand-ma explained to him very nicely and said son this planet is full of a variety of people. And we are surrounded by different people around us and so it’s up to us how we choose them. Some are kind, some are emotional, some rude, selfish, greedy, mean, arrogant, harsh, evil mentality etc. We can’t understand someone’s nature in just a meeting of a couple of hours, minutes or in a single day.

But when we are meeting or living with the same person every day we observe their activities, and it will always have an impact on our mind and someday unintentionally we may act or behave like that. But one thing we all should understand and learn that we should always try to adopt good habits from our surrounding because that will help us grow as a good human.

Our behaviour can be an inspiration for many and it can affect the lives of many. Just like the small they are so many people around us who notice us and copy us. So always be careful about your behaviour and help the needy people.    

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