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It’s said a human earns livelihood for food, clothing and shelter for oneself and his/ her family. For living, we need healthy food, so that we can do our daily routine work.

It is very important to satisfy our self with proper diet, as we need to live a very long life. Having a complete diet with nutritious food is a sign of a healthy lifestyle.

In India, often it’s noticed that food prepared in functions is wasted and disposed in the garbage instead of donating to hungry, needy people who are living on footpaths, or slum areas.

Still, there are many people, kids who are starving by hunger for so many days and just to satisfy their hunger, the kids are getting involved in bad habits, hazardous addiction habits like alcohol, drugs, whitener addiction, weeds, etc.

The kids who are homeless, orphan, or from very poor families often get attracted to jobs where they find the money. Such kids get involve in such activities and get addicted to bad habits and addictions.

Hunger has forced many people to sacrifice their lives and feed their family. Hunger is a very important and basic need for all living creature on this planet.

Few days, while scrolling on social media I came across a video, which made me cry. The video was about how 12-year old boy is so badly addicted to whitener.

The boy is doing the job of collecting and selling scrap and unused stuff. While been asked how much he is earning every day, he replied 100rs/day. From which, he buys 30rs food and 70rs whitener.

The person who was having a conversation with him, asked him, Is your mother know that you are involved in such a bad habit? Do you miss your mother? The boy replied yes she might be knowing about this and I don’t miss my mother.

The boy has become so rude and arrogant that he was not ready to listen to what the person was trying to explain, asking him to quit this bad habit. The boy replied that, if he will not take his dose he will die and so can’t quit it.

Like him, there are so many people, kids who are addicted and getting addicted to such bad habits. And as a result, their family are suffering adversely.

Hunger has often broken out many dangerous outcomes which is harmful to themselves and their families too.

The 12-year boy when asked why he is doing such addiction, he said after taking this “I DON’T FEEL HUNGRY”. The guy was speechless and had tears in his eyes.

Same case was reported in some area of Tamil Nadu. A lady found so many kids involved in such bad habits. The lady gathered all the kids and had a conversation with them.

The lady decided to do something for all those kids and she is now running a program from her home in a village of Tamil Nadu. There she is teaching all the kids, serving meal so that they can satisfy their hunger and don’t get involved in the wrong jobs.

The lady in an interview with her said that many kids ageing 12-15 years don’t even know how to read & write? The lady was crying while narrating their stories.

But now the situation as improved, the lady is seeking for support to grow, she looking for donation in means of money, books, educational instruments, clothes, food etc

If you can not start such a program, at least try to support them by donating something.

Help the needy people, enlighten lived of homeless and other needy people.

We are also working for such social cause, so you can join us as a volunteer or donate whatever you want.

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