India is a developing country but when it comes to poverty, it’s somehow lacking behind others. Imagine when your own child is dreaming to wear good clothes, to study well, to eat some finger- licking food, but due to poverty you are not able to fulfill their requirement. How will you feel?

In our country some families experience it for sometime but many others who are below poverty criteria face it throughout their entire life. Whatever the cause may be but it directly affects Children mentally, physically & emotionally.

We can understand poverty as deprivation of food, money, clothes, shelter & other basic needs. The people who are not able to satisfy these needs are categorized under poverty. It can also be said that lack of money is poverty. The causes of poverty for the family can be lack of education, health, housing facility, mental sickness, malnutrition, natural disasters & many more.

The most highly affected victims of poverty are children whose share is expanding bigger and bigger. Each year approx 30,000 children die due to poverty related issues. The parents are not able to take care of an infant. These awkward situations led the child low his self esteem before entering in school. The children are not supposed to enter the school they like because of lack of fund so they are forced to study in a low funded school. As the education provided is of non proficient nature, those children are further not given admissions in colleges due to low grades which is next step to violation of their career. This is big compromise to the children who have interest in studies and dreams to be independent but they are bound to work around the era of poverty.

On the other side of coin if we see the children whose parents are not having funded to get their child study are trapped under child labor. Child Labor is when the children below the age of 18 are bound to work under some person to earn money for survival. These children face several problems like mental distortion, irritation, angriness, loss of sense & manners.

Think about your child, would you want them to feel this kind of pain anyway? Today those children who are in poverty often are about to be the Parents tomorrow raising a child in poverty. This will be passed from the generation to generation & will take the count to double & triple till next few generations.

What should we do?

We cannot end poverty but yes, we can control it to a level so that future generations can live life freely. We can make sure that the children in poverty are getting proper education, health, sanitation, resources. We can take seminars to educate the parents of the children to make their children study so that they could earn more in future as compared to now indulging them in child labor. We can send some of the children of villages to NGOs nearby to get education. Our volunteering attitude can save the lives of the people & will be a reason of such a big smile on their faces.

Yes, Money is a necessity but it’s not an only necessity. We can make a child happy by donating our used clothes, toys, books which are of no further use. We also know our wardrobe is full of such things which we don’t use anymore. We can clean our wardrobe by making the useful things into use. Our clean stuff can be given to children who are in actual need more than us. Remember the stuff should be clean & tidy so that it could be used by other person. Even if the Books, Story books, Comic Books which have been read by your child can be given to those innocent children in NGO who can further use it.

So what are you waiting for?

Social Help Care is there to help children on behalf of you without any charges. You can just make a pick up request on our website & one of our volunteer will be there at your doorstep to deliver your stuff to the needy people. We will share pictures while donating so that you can be trustworthy towards us. Just you have to choose the NGO you want to deliver your stuff and further utilize the advantages of SOCIAL HELP CARE.

So go & make someone happy every day.