Different Ways to Help Poor & Needy!

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Poverty is a major issue prevailing in our country. When it comes to scarcity, our country is lacking in many objects which need to be solved quickly. However for that to happen the people of India need to work hard to help the poor. There are trucks of ways through which though one cannot overcome poverty but surely can have control over it. Some of which are presented as:

  • Donating Unused Clothes-

We always perceive things in the way that receiving is more valuable than giving but when you indulge yourself in giving, you will feel more delightful than receiving. We are in a growing age where there are lots of clothes which don’t fit our body when we are outgrown. These clothes unnecessarily occupy our wardrobe & compel our Mothers to scream on us for making our wardrobe vacant. Those no more in use clothes can be donated to the people who are in actual need more than us. It doesn’t require money or any extra effort, just a little bit of time from your schedule to empty wardrobe & deliver it to people who feel joyous in living a small percent of life we are living.

Now, you can also do this by just one click through Social Help Care. Request a Pick-Up and the Volunteer will come at your doorstep to collect the stuff and will donate it on your behalf. You will get complete transparency in the form of Pictures while donating the stuff and acknowledgment slip so that you can see how and where your stuff has been used for donation.

  • Donating Unused Toys for Kids-

In most of our houses, in some corner or storerooms, we have many toys that lay unused and useless packed inside cardboard boxes. Have anyone thought that how much happiness these boxes can bring on the faces of innocent children who are not enough fortunate to play with those?

Just you have to take out those boxes, clean them & deliver it to the children who can actually make use of it. Will you play with these toys at the teenage? Or you will sell them in half rates? The answer to these questions is No! So, why to stock the things that cannot be used in the future?

If you are busy with your routine work then You can also Schedule a Pick-up by just filling a small Form from Social Help Care.

God had granted different unique skills & talents to different people which makes them special & non-identical from each other. People have skills in areas such as drawing, dancing, teaching, playing games, singing, cooking & many more. Each person has at least one thing they are good at. Have you ever thought about what will happen if each & every expertise will come together? The world will become a masterpiece.

“Giving in the form of sharing the talent is what makes the difference”

We can conduct a special visit to the places where we can share some talent which can be fruitful for the poor kids. One can volunteer for just one hour daily or just on weekends at any nearby NGO or orphanage and can share their skills and knowledge to create the future of the country.

 Books are the best gift for helping others. We will make space for more books while donating the old one. The books will allow the people/ children to be aware of the world around them, impart morals & values for them. Clear your shelves by adding new books & giving the one which you have already read & that will be of no use further.

You can donate some books such as as-Comic, General Knowledge, Basic Etiquette, Spoken English Learning, Story, etc to children. They will enjoy reading it & it will enhance their reading & learning capacity. The feeling of satisfaction can be achieved if you will contribute to the enhancing knowledge of a person. It can transform the lives of the people.

 The people living in slum areas sacrifice their life to live a life. They indulge their children to work at an early age without sending them to schools. Even they don’t consult a doctor when any of them fall sick. The women in the villages work at low wages just to survive. A special program could be conducted by us in the slum areas demonstrating the advantages of educating a child.

The children should be sent to schools so that they could study well & earn for their family instead of forcing them to earn at the youngest age. The women usually face the problem of harassment so they can also be given self-defeating awareness training. These programs can change the lives of many people who are not aware of the current scenario of the country. These will not cost anything for us but it will definitely raise the standard of living of the people.

 Sponsoring a child is the best way to support a child’s education. Apart from the basic necessities, every child has the right to get an education. Many people have started working on this clause & many are about to. This way of a donation is a very fair way to let the world get maximum of Graduates.

Now you don’t even have to take out time to visit the user’s place just have to pay monthly installments for making them study. Your little contribution can change their lives. They will also dream of studying up to higher classes & making their parents feel proud. This little contribution of yours will be a major part of reducing a country’s poverty.

 Donating Money is an act where the person contributes some of his earnings to those who are underprivileged or less fortunate. People also join charitable institutions as a volunteer & donate money to uplift the services of these institutions. This social activity is now being carried by most of the population of India.



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