Helping one person could not change the world but it would surely change  the world for that person.

It is always been told that:

“You are not important because of how long you live, you are important because how effectively you live”.

This is so because the value of life is in Donation not Duration.

Indore is a place where there are lot of impoverished children in NGOs who are in need of some Clothes, Toys, Books & a lot more. Usually our house is in a possession of goods that are of no use anymore even if we talk about our wardrobe, its filed with many such clothes which we don’t wear since long. So these small things can be utilized & given to those innocent souls which need them the most.

Its not charging any of our money just a small time from our busy work schedule to take out stuffs which are of no use. Our small contribution can be a big transformation for them. The happiness of giving is the biggest achievement one could get internally.

Now it has been much easier to forward your outgrown clothes, unused toys, useless books & lot more such useless stuff to the needy children.  Social Help Care is here to convert your unused stuff into useful nature.

You can now donate without even taking out time to visit the end user’s place. We will send our volunteer to your location on your one pickup request. The goods will be drawn from your place delivering to Poor people who are in need or the NGO.

We will also take pictures while donating your stuff and ill share those pictures to the Donner and on our social pages to maintain transparency. Apart from donating we can also share some of your skills like Teaching, Dancing, Singing, Conducting games to the children of NGO etc.

Donating doesn’t mean we keep on giving the poor conditioned goods rather the goods should be of that condition which can be utilized further by the souls. There is no mean to give the stuff which is of no use to others.

So follow the rules while donating-

  • The goods should be well conditioned which can be used by some other person.
  • The goods should be clean & washed ( in case of clothes)
  • The goods should not be infected in any way.

So now you just have to follow these steps to make your goods reach to final destination.

Step 1) Find your old non useful stuff like clothes, toys or books ( well conditioned).

Step 2) Go to Social Help Care site & send pickup request or Contact on the given number.

Step 3) Our volunteer will call you to confirm your address.

Step 4) Deliver your goods to our volunteer on your doorstep.

Step 5) We will donate your stuff to NGO & will share pictures to you & on Facebook.