You had a rough day at your office and on your way home, you saw a blind man struggling to cross the road. You guided him across the road and he blessed you in return. For that very moment, you forgot everything else and felt the joy of helping, a feeling of contentment.

It’s scientifically proven that when you help others and indulge in selfless service, you are actually helping yourself.

  • Helping Others Brings Happiness :
    When you help others, you are satisfied and feel lively. There is no greater joy than seeing someone smile because of you. It is one of the best ways to feel good about yourself.
    Helping others isn’t about grand gestures. You need not go out and help a needy, even a modest act of feeding someone or donating your used stuff counts.
  • Improves Your Mental State :
    Maybe you are going through some emotional breakdown, or something happened that makes your life seems dull. Try helping others. It will uplift your mental state and boost your morale. Visit some NGO and volunteer for them with their tasks, or just visit an orphanage and teach them something. This refreshing act of generosity will not just help you get some blessings, but it will also help you get away with whatever you are dealing with. It alleviates loneliness and enhances our social lives.
  • Help Others To Live Longer :
    Besides the benefits to your mental health, it is believed that helping others can actually help you live longer. Studies suggest that volunteers are better at managing everyday stress and experience increased sense of life satisfaction. As an outcome, they tend to avoid diseases such as increased blood pressure and heart diseases, living a happy and healthy life.
  • The Satisfaction Is Real :
    It’s the feeling of contentment that drives thousands of people to devote their whole life to helping others. There are numerous examples of those who left everything to get this feeling of satisfaction. Even the simplest gesture of helping others brings plenty of satisfaction. Your modest donation can help feed someone hungry, provide them shelter or even help some unprivileged pursue his dream of learning. And when you know you are the reason behind it, the sense of fulfillment is beyond any words.

If you still need convincing that helping others can actually help you, reach out to us and we will share with you the joy of sharing. It’s our love and affection towards others that make us human. Whatever good we do for others apparently comes back to us.