Moving from one place to another is a daunting task and takes up lot of time and energy. Packing stuff properly really requires a lot of time and can be really overwhelming. When you stay in one place for a fairly long period of time, you tend to accumulate a lot of things you don’t need when you shift location. Instead of throwing them away you can donate them. It is a great way of helping people who can use your stuff. Follow the process below to organise your stuff for donation

Check Every Room 

Irrespective of whether you live in a big house or in a small apartment, it is important that you start arranging as per the rooms. Start from one room and then gradually proceed to the other. This will help you to categorise the items and will makes it easier for you to access, which items are best suited for donation.

Take Your Time

While moving from one place to another; make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare. If you keep everything for the last moment, you can end up taking along with you things, don’t need or donate things that are important for you.

Assess Your Items

cloths are not the only things you can donate, there are toys, shoes, books, equipments and various other things which you can donate. We often tend to hold on to some items purely for emotional reasons. It is important that you think practically. It is important to assess whether you will ever again wear your faded but favourite T-shirt again or will you ever read a particular book again. Use your rational judgement to ensure that you only take things with you which will have long term value.

Don’t Pack Everything

There are many things around in a house, which you perhaps do not need like broken toys, torn shirts and likewise. These items are of no value for anyone. Do not pack them for donation; instead simply get rid of them. It will make your sorting process much easier.
Organise – Once you have collected all the items for donation, organise them in groups. Divide them, as per your cloths, electronics, books and other sub categories, which make it easier for the collection team to distribute them.

Use Proper Packaging

Just because something is going for donation does not mean that it should not be packed properly. Use study boxes for books and bubble wraps for fragile items to ensure that do not break or get damaged during transit.

Pick Ups

There are many donation centres that come to physically pick up your items. If you are planning to donate big furniture’s, provide them adequate instruction for proper equipments. Always schedule the pick up a few days before moving. It will help you to clean your house more efficiently and get things organised in a better manner.