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Children’s Day- Bal Divas

Thursday, November 14th, 2019

Everyone on this planet loves kids and loves to spend quality time with kids, as this kiss away the sorrow, tensions and a reason to smile after having a bad or hectic day. Every child is blessed with some skill and talented in their way.

On 14th November, every year children’s day is celebrated, this day in the birth anniversary of well-know and first Prime Minister Honourable Late. Shri. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, which is well-known as “Chacha Nehru” by all the kids. Chacha Nehru loved all the children’s equally and he loved to spend time with children’s whenever he gets free-time from his busy schedule, as he was involved in freedom fight as well.

Nehru Ji never discriminated against any children through status, caste, creed or race. He had always shared his love equally with all the kids. He even worked for the betterment of poor kids, encouraged them to get proper education and share knowledge with everyone.

The possibility of a widespread Children’s Day was proposed by Mr. V.K. Krishna Menon and it was embraced by the United Nations General Assembly. From the start, it was praised all around in the long stretch of October. After 1959, 20th November was picked as Children’s day as it denoted the commemoration day when the “Declaration of the Child Rights” was embraced by the U.N. General Assembly. In 1989 the Convention on the Rights of the Child was additionally marked on a similar date.

And, later on, it was decided by the constitution of the nation – that 14th November will be celebrated as Children’ Day every year, for giving the tribute to our beloved Chacha Nehru. And on this day, many organizations and NGO’s conduct programs for the poor children who are homeless or living in the orphanage home. They organize various functions with the purpose to share knowledge, enhancement of skills, creating awareness among children’s, fun activities, and various variety of food items, which is a very big reason for those poor children’s to have big smile on their pretty faces.

Many people who have sufficient sources also, plan and organize some activity for poor needy children and some donate new stuff like clothes, blankets, woolen-clothes, toys, books along-with food packets, sweets and some donate unused stuff that can be utilized by the children.

Declaration for child right was introduced as so many children’s are unaware of their rights, have became the victim and exploited in some or the other way. So, for their improvement many programs are carried and explained through creating short-movies sharing inspirational messages, motivating them to move towards their development.

Often we notice that the society is neglecting the poor homeless child and are seeing them with bad-eyes, bullying them or misbehave with them, but they don’t even try to understand that it’s not their fault, that they are in that situation and living such life and even they deserve a better life. If you cannot help them, at least stop bullying them their also humans and they too seek and crave love and affection.

On this day, 14th November we should try to help those poor kids or shake hands with NGOs to contribute for these children. As our beloved Chacha Nehru said that these children’s are our bright tomorrow, so treat them with love, affection, and care just like you plant seed and water it timely look after it so that it can give sweet fruits in future. Embrace the blessing of God, and take initiative by donating any unused stuff for them or contribute for them in whatever manner one can do ….     

How Do Social Media Help In Social Help ?

Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

Nowadays people are more involved in electronic gadgets like mobile phones, I-pads, and other such gadgets which are distancing people from the surroundings and being busy within one’s own life. 

People are more active on social media and other platforms, sharing life-events, updating various information, sharing informational or promotional videos which are giving some good messages and awareness for day-to-day life.

Every day we are surfing our social media profiles namely facebook, youtube, twitter, Instagram and to new a few. People are forwarding messages or video clips for fun, wishing on special occasions and sharing any important messages, also some are even sharing rumors and fake messages.

But if we can make proper use of this platform, we can do a lot better things like sharing informational messages that can be helpful for helping the poor needy people or any social worker or NGO’s to reach out the correct person in case of any emergency or the one who needs help.

The state government has also introduced many helpline contact numbers and other sources that can reach to poor needy people in case of any emergencies, for helping them out in trouble.

Say, for example, One NGO worker had found a missing child of 4-years old and they want to help that child to reach his home back, they are trying to spread the news through all the available sources with them on the local basis at their end but still are unable to find the correct address. As the child is small in age and is not aware of the things, so here the social media can help them, in a way one can create a descriptive message depicting the proper information about the missing child and attach its photo. After that, one can forward it to all contacts via WhatsApp or post on Facebook for reaching the maximum people. In this way, the message can reach to his parents and they can contact the concerned person and reach to their child. Like this one can be an angel for someone who is in trouble or needs help.

Today, many people who are involved in social-work are active on social media as they are aware of the increasing use of it in today’s time. They are sharing many informational and good message giving videos just to stop the exploitation of the innocent people/s in the surroundings.

In today’s time, people are not ready to listen to what others have to say or what others are saying and at the same time they are more interested to watch the video-clip which are been shared on any social media platforms. Even many NGO’s have created their pages for easily helping the people, one simply needs to visit that particular page and get the information about the NGO’s and can easily reach them out on through the mentioned contact details or draft inquiry mail. The concerned person will revert them proper and prompt reply and meet them for sharing the information in more detail.

Some volunteers there who are active on social media and promoting the social help services offered by their firms and are keeping updated the information so that any person visiting the page or sites can get the required information with proper details required.

Social media is made not only for fun purposes or sharing happy moments but it is also made for sharing knowledge, spreading and creating awareness among people/s, help the police-force, army individuals and others to get connected with any concern in place where they are stuck down.

Even our honorable PM Mr. Narendra DamodarDas Modi is active on Twitter and he is actively replying on any request or suggestion given by any of the citizens. Recently, his video was shared in which he was found cleaning the beachside, for promoting the “Swacchh Bharat Abhiyaan” and many localities were found joining him for helping in cleaning the beachside. There are so many celebrities who are promoting the same.

Many NGO’s are sharing the stage for social media campaign with well-know celebrity faces to share social messages, like Priyanka Chopra – is promoting for reducing the pollution and go eco-friendly, as it is harmful to Asthmatic patients, being the Brand Ambassador of Cipla Ltd – Pharmaceutical company India. 

If we try to understand and take proper initiative with social media, it can create miracles for many… Social media help us as when we make a search for any particular thing, place, product or services and following the said steps we can reach to maximum people and help them.

Social media means being social or to socialize with people and promote inspirational messages or information which can help in the improvement of living standards of needy people and to those who are involved in social welfare worker

Sindhu Tai Sapkal – Mother of An Orphan

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

Sindhutai Sapkal, warmly known as the “Mother of Orphans”, is an Indian social laborer and social lobbyist known especially for her work in bringing stranded youngsters up in India. She was presented with a Doctorate in Literature by the DY Patil Institute of Technology and Research in 2016.

Sindhutai was conceived on 14th November 1948 out of cows eating family in Maharashtra’s Wardha locale. Being an undesirable youngster, she was alluded to as Chindhi (Marathi for “a torn bit of fabric”). Be that as it may, her dad was enthusiastic about teaching Sindhutai, much against the desires of her mom. Abhimanji (Sindhutai’s dad) used to send her to class under the appearance of cows nibbling, where she would utilize the ‘leaf of Bharadi Tree’ as a record as she couldn’t manage the cost of a genuine record because of her family’s constrained budgetary assets. Contemptible neediness, family duties, and an early marriage constrained her to stop formal instruction after she effectively passed the fourth standard.

At nine years old, she was hitched to a man twenty years her senior in Wardha District. Post marriage she confronted a troublesome life yet she didn’t lose trust. In her new home, she battled against the abuse of neighborhood ladies, who gathered dairy animals excrement, by the woodlands division and proprietors. This lone made things increasingly hard for her. She bore three children when she turned twenty.

At the youthful age of twenty, when nine-months pregnant, she was beaten seriously and left amazing her better half. She brought forth an infant young lady Mamta in that semi-cognizant state and battled to remain alive on 14 October 1973 out of a bovine haven outside their home that night. Sindhutai took to asking in the city and railroad stages to endure. Since she dreaded being grabbed by men around evening time she frequently went through the night at burial grounds. Such was her condition that individuals called her an apparition since she was seen around evening time in the burial grounds.

“In this steady tussle to endure, she wound up in Chikaldara, arranged in the Amravati area of Maharashtra. Here, because of a tiger protection venture, 84 innate towns were emptied. In the midst of the disarray, a task official appropriated 132 cows of Adivasi townspeople and one of the dairy animals kicked the bucket. Sindhutai chose to battle for the appropriate restoration of the vulnerable inborn townspeople. Her endeavors were recognized by the Minister of Forests and he made proper courses of action for elective movement.”

With no expectation left, she strolled a few kilometers away to her mom’s place. Her mom would not protect her. She needed to put aside the idea of suicide and began asking on railroad stages for nourishment. All the while, she understood that there were such a significant number of youngsters relinquished by their folks and she embraced them as her own and began asking considerably more enthusiastically to bolster them. She chose to turn into a mother to anybody and everybody who went over to her as a vagrant. She later gave her natural kid to the trust Shrimant Dagdu Sheth Halwai, Pune, just to wipe out the sentiment of inclination between her girl and the embraced ones.

She has dedicated as long as she can remember to vagrants. Thus, she is affectionately called ‘Mai'(mother). She has supported more than 1,050 stranded kids. Starting today, she has an amazing group of 207 children-in-law, thirty-six little girls in-law, and over a thousand grandkids. Regardless she keeps on battling for the following supper. A large number of the kids whom she received are knowledgeable legal counselors and specialists, and a few, including her natural little girl, are running their very own autonomous halfway houses. One of her kids is doing a Ph.D. in her life. She has been regarded with more than 273 honors for her commitment and work. She utilized honor cash to purchase land to make a home for her youngsters. The development has begun and she is as yet searching for more help from the world. Sanmati Bal Niketan is being worked in the Manjari region at Hadapsar, Pune where more than 300 youngsters will dwell.

At 80 years old, her significant other returned to her contritely. She acknowledged him as her youngster expressing she is just a mother now! On the off chance that you visit her ashram, she gladly and lovingly presents him as her most seasoned kid! Face to face, she appears to be a boundless wellspring of vitality and exceptionally ground-breaking motivation, with definitely no negative feelings or accusing anyone.

A Marathi-language film Mee Sindhutai Sapkal discharged in 2010, is a biopic roused by the genuine story of Sindhutai Sapkal. The film was chosen for its reality debut at the 54th London Film Festival.

Sindhutai battled for the recovery of the eighty-four towns. Over the span of her fomentation, she met Chhedilal Gupta, the then Minister of Forests. He concurred that the locals ought not to be uprooted before the legislature had made fitting game plans at elective destinations. At the point when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi landed to initiate the tiger venture, Sindhutai gave her photos of an Adivasi who had lost his eyes to a wild bear. “I revealed to her that the timberland office paid remuneration if a bovine or a hen was slaughtered by a wild creature, so why not a person? She promptly requested remuneration.”

Before long she understood the situation of stranded and relinquished Adivasi youngsters. At first, she dealt with the youngsters as a byproduct of some pitiful nourishment. Taking care of them was a wellspring of vocation. It didn’t take long for it to turn into the crucial her life.

Recently she appeared in KBC ( Kaun Banega Crorepati) and won a big amount, which she will be utilized in the welfare of his adopted kids. Let us help her with these kinds of work by donating some amount.

Life of Poor in India

Monday, October 8th, 2018

Life of the poor is not less than a dying situation. Generally a poor is termed as that person or people who don’t have sufficient money for themselves & their family to survive in this era. Survival elements consist of food, clothing, shelter & these people are deprived of these basic amenities.

These people don’t have a proper food diet so indulge themselves in the act of begging. They don’t have a shelter or have depleted shelters so they are compelled to live in an overcrowded house. They don’t even have expectancy from life as compared to other living populations.

Some of them are forced to sleep on the roads, footpaths, streets, doorways or at park benches in a very distressing way. In winters also, they are been freeze under the open sky. Very few with a kind heart takes initiative in realizing this phase of people as their own & give away that they can. Lack of food & housing facility put families at great risk for occurring diseases & disabilities. Hospitalization costs high so the families have to choose between food for their children or medicines for recovery & on an obvious note food is being opted. Therefore these people are prone to several diseases like malaria, dengue, viral fever, etc. The feeling of hopelessness hangs on their heads.

People in these families are bound to work under low wages. Women are forced to work as maids in low paying jobs & Children are also employed somewhere under the influence of Zamindars thus resulting in their loss of education. Women usually face health issues & at the time of maternity these conditions affect the baby child. Poor people don’t even get loans for self-employment. They don’t even get easy employment where the work is available.

Most of their income is spent on deriving food. The things which are occupied from the nearby grocery shop are usually stale, & often of low quality. The situation becomes even worse when the earning member falls sick or dies; there is neither more backup to stay alive nor any assets for the treatment of sick. Therefore each & every earning member is a precious stone for their families. The old aged people also put themselves in the work for earning.

Apart from all these troubles, the Poor ones are treated miserably in India. The feeling of Untouchability is being developed between the rich & poor. Just imagine how would you feel if someone walking on a road gaze at you in a very awful manner? Obviously you will feel ashamed & will try to walk away from their eyes.

Like that, only all of us perceive poor people in an unpleasant manner putting them in guilt for their destiny. They are seen as a low standard people are given treatment accordingly but we always forget that behind that low standard body is a kind human created by God who is also sorrowful upon his conditions. If we cannot control those miserable conditions we also don’t have any right to enlarge by treating them awkwardly.

We cannot overcome poverty but yes we can surely have some control over it. We can indulge ourselves in providing the necessary things to the poor who are in emergent need. The things which are in excess can be supplied to them so that they could also have one reason to live happily.

Also, we can tie up with different NGOs & start supplying necessary things to the children or people over there. Our small step can change someone’s life today. You don’t even need single money to make someone happy today just a kind heart & humanity and all will go.

Children – The Victims of poverty

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

India is a developing country but when it comes to poverty, it’s somehow lacking behind others. Imagine when your own child is dreaming to wear good clothes, to study well, to eat some finger-licking food, but due to poverty, you are not able to fulfill their requirements. How will you feel?

In our country, some families experience it for some time but many others who are below poverty criteria face it throughout their entire life. Whatever the cause may be but it directly affects Children mentally, physically & emotionally.

We can understand poverty as deprivation of food, money, clothes, shelter & other basic needs. The people who are not able to satisfy these needs are categorized under poverty. It can also be said that the lack of money in poverty. The causes of poverty for the family can be lack of education, health, housing facility, mental sickness, malnutrition, natural disasters & many more.

The most highly affected victims of poverty are children whose share is expanding bigger and bigger. Each year approx 30,000 children die due to poverty-related issues. The parents are not able to take care of an infant. These awkward situations led the child to low his self-esteem before entering school. The children are not supposed to enter the school they like because of a lack of funds so they are forced to study in a low funded school. As the education provided is of nonproficient nature, those children are further not given admissions in colleges due to low grades which are the next step to violation of their career. This is a big compromise to the children who have an interest in studies and dreams to be independent but they are bound to work around the era of poverty.

On the other side of the coin if we see the children whose parents are not having funding to get their child study are trapped under child labor. Child Labor is when the children below the age of 18 are bound to work under some person to earn money for survival. These children face several problems like mental distortion, irritation, angriness, loss of sense & manners.

Think about your child, would you want them to feel this kind of pain anyway? Today those children who are in poverty often are about to be the Parents tomorrow raising a child in poverty. This will be passed from generation to generation & will take the count to double & triple till next few generations.

What should we do?

We cannot end poverty but yes, we can control it to a level so that future generations can live life freely. We can make sure that the children in poverty are getting proper education, health, sanitation, resources. We can take seminars to educate the parents of the children to make their children study so that they could earn more in the future as compared to now indulging them in child labor. We can send some of the children of villages to NGOs nearby to get an education. Our volunteering attitude can save the lives of the people & will be a reason for such a big smile on their faces.

Yes, Money is a necessity but it’s not the only necessity. We can make a child happy by donating our used clothes, toys, books which are of no further use. We also know our wardrobe is full of such things which we don’t use anymore. We can clean our wardrobe by making useful things into use. Our clean stuff can be given to children who are in actual need more than us. Remember the stuff should be clean & tidy so that it could be used by another person. Even if the Books, Storybooks, Comic Books which have been read by your child can be given to those innocent children in NGO who can further use it.

So what are you waiting for?

Social Help Care is there to help children on behalf of you without any charges. You can just make a pick-up request on our website & one of our volunteers will be there at your doorstep to deliver your stuff to the needy people. We will share pictures while donating so that you can be trustworthy towards us. Just you have to choose the NGO you want to deliver your stuff and further utilize the advantages of SOCIAL HELP CARE.

So go & make someone happy every day.