Child- A Girl – Versatile Actor By God (National Girl Child Day)

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Blessed are the people who are having a girl child in their family. Being a girl itself is a big responsibility for oneself and parents. Every parents treats their girl with tremendous love and they look after her all the time.

If we go back in old times, people use to kill the girl child when they were born or will they were just the foetus. The woman use to cry and always lives in fear whenever they use to expect the child. In old times, people prefer to have a male child than a girl child. And today we are seeing the result of it, there is inequality in ratio and now people are seeking for girls.

A girl is a versatile actor on this planet as she plays many roles during the course of her life, she is first introduced as a baby girl to parents- a daughter, then after sister, niece, friend, a wife, a mother, guide, grandmother and what not… It’s said a mother can be a father for a child but a father can’t be a mother for a child.

In old times, people who have girl child don’t believe to invest much on girl’s upbringing, for her education as they had rigid belief that when she will grow up and get married, they have to give lots of dowry and spend much money on that, and this was also one of the reason why the little angels were killed just after or before their birth.

Nowadays, people are changing and are supporting for saving a girl child, education of girl child and many other activities for girl. Today girls are making proud to their parents and for nation too in all the fields whether its education, professional platform, athletes and many other fields

Today girls are doing all the things that a boy do in all the fields, are giving tough competition to them and are enhancing and increasing level of competition. Girl as the title versatile actor is active and multi-tasking as when required.

Many people still don’t respect a girl, woman and bully them, misbehave with them, say ill-words, often we notice while we pass around the group of boys or a boy pass abusing comment to a girl passing from there. This kind of activity hurts the self-respect of a girl and the wounds are always unseen and they have a deep impact on them and often have forced many girls to commit suicide, just because some unknown human the girl is forced to take this harsh step and that’s a big loss to her parents and family.

It is important and it must be understood that one should respect a girl a woman, after all, they are the one who will be a valuable asset to someone’s life.

If you are blessed by a girl a sister than do take care of her, give her the best you can give, give her best education, support her, motivate her that she can do it, she can and she will achieve whatever she wants.

Today there are many NGO’s working for providing shelter and support homeless girl, government have granted free education for girls in schools and are also providing educational materials to them. People who don’t have daughter are willing and are donating clothes for girls, toys and other useful stuff, some people are sponsoring education for girls.

Respect girl, save a child…

Happy National Girl Child Day…….

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