Illuminate Child’s Life

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Education a tool that can work as a miracle in our life and also as a weapon to save someone’s life.

To get a good education is the right of every child and also a value-adding feature that can be added for the growth and development of the country also for the development of children.

I am willing to pursue my career which can relate me to social work and the one I can utilize for the betterment of society.

Education is the key which can illuminate the life of anyone. Benefit of education:

  1. Awareness: When you hold the key to education, it opens many doors for you in every situation and light up the dark path while you are unable to find the right path. Education can help you to decide what is right for you and what is wrong? It creates awareness in day-to-day life.
  2. Enhance Knowledge: While you begin to study any subject or topic, you are always learning something new which will enhance knowledge and skills. Enhancement of knowledge leads to improvement in our life.
  3. Helps to be updated: With the fast-moving time everything is changing or is getting modified with something new and every next moment there is always a new update . So, education helps you to keep yourself updated with new techniques and methodology. E.g; New update in mobile phone software.
  4. Strong Tomorrow: Every new chapter or topic brings something new and interesting with it which can prepare you to face the uncertainty that comes in your path. With proper education, one can find solutions to solve the problems and be strong for tomorrow.

In India, there are many families in urban, rural areas, villages where there live people who have kids who are good in studies but due to poor family condition are unable to go schools/colleges. 

Often due to proper financial situation parents withdraw the admission from schools.

The child themselves quite studying and start working for supporting their family.

People living in slum areas have many bright children who can have a bright future if allowed to learn and grow with the proper source of education. 

If you can illuminate the life at least one child, go for it and support him/her to go to school/college.

Your one step can transform the life of one and it can transform the lives of many.

Our social help care organisations is working for illuminating the many children’s lives so that the country can be poverty-free and literacy ratio can increase.

And we can have best-educated citizen in our country who can contribute for growth and development of our country.

If you wish the same and want to do something for society, join our team.

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