One fine evening, while I was walking with my friend towards home I saw a child lying on a bench at footpath struggling in the coldly climate. I somewhere knew that no one is so generous to stop & give away any of the clothing. I drawn my friend’s attention & went close to him.

What I saw was astonishing. That little boy was carrying a warm smile on his face without any terror of surviving in that state. He was not even requesting to anyone passing over there to help him.

Without any second thought I took my Jacket off & gave to him. After watching, my friend too rendered her gloves. The boy was stunned. His eyes spoke everything we wanted to listen that any of his words couldn’t. He was continuously looking at me as if I was sent from the heaven especially to help him. We exchanged smile & headed towards home again. He might have thought that how God gifts us small belongings from the hands of someone proving that no one is alone in this world.

I felt satisfied, compassionate & was assuming myself on the top of the world. Neither I had given any money nor any precious/new possessions but then too I felt relieved. That boy’s innocent smile build a picture in my heart. He was happy so was I. I didn’t know the last time when I got this much of happiness in the past few years. I shared this feeling to my friend who also gave some belonging & was sympathetic for the same.

This made us feel good that we can also help people; we can also bring smiles on their face. We further realized that it’s not just one child who needs help, there are thousands of children all over a place who are in need of some percent of life that we live.

“Give a hand & you will receive back in million ways.”

And yes I too got my new jacket as a gift from my parents on very next day in the morning. God is watching every single act of yours & will serve you in many different ways. It’s not about the quantity that how much you give but it’s all about the kindness of giving. Even small care will turn into a big change in someone’s life. This whole incidence also made us realize that to live a happy life we should indulge ourselves in donating to the needy people.

We started visiting different NGOs for the purpose of donating no more needed goods like toys, books & clothes. Our NGO Drive compelled other people to indulge in the same that is why it is rightly said that- “One man takes many” which means our one good act will motivate ten others to perform the same.

“Be Someone that makes Others Happy!”

We all wanted to make a difference, it’s time we started by being helpful to people when we can.
Always remember that this world is full of ups and downs, you might be at the top today, and tomorrow you might not so share what you have today so that if tomorrow you get down, you won’t regret of not doing it yesterday.

So, Let’s Send a Pick-Up Request to Donate Now!