Vanishing Humanity

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In today’s time, people are so busy in self-development that they are even ready to bully other people and often they are hurting the feelings of many people around them.

Today no one value the opinion of others if he/she wants to get the things done or wants to achieve something.

People simply walk away even after seeing someone who needs help or who is seeking for help. Today we ignoring the needy people as if they don’t even exist around us.

Still, few people believe in helping others or to the one who needs help.

Looking at the present scenario, it seems like humanity is vanishing as if people are not noticing what is happening around them.

Nowadays even after being aware that something happened just a few steps away from them, still they don’t bother to know what happened or is there anything they can do for the victim/s.

In the last few days, I have seen many accidents and also noticed how people are ignoring the incident and moving away from there, hardly one or two go and see what happened to the victim and call on helpline for ambulance and police.

It’s true that everyone indeed has some or other problem in their life and everyone is struggling to achieve what he/she wants and are working hard for the same.

But during this struggling time if I can help someone or you can help someone then should move ahead and help.

Vanishing humanity is not a good sign for us. If humanity will vanish, then there will be silence every whereas no one is talking with a person sitting next to him/her. And people will hesitate to ask for a helping hand from anyone.

Still today people ask for help even by walking on the roadside for address or if looking for their lost near and dear ones. But if the situation remains the same, then it won’t take long time in vanishing humanity.

Today human is afraid, jealous of other humans that they don’t get more success than them and take back their steps to help anyone or don’t want to help even if they are capable enough to help them.

But why you are forgetting that if today you help someone, you will get help when you need not from the same person but maybe some other person !!

The world is round and we all know what goes around that comes around to us in the same way or other.

Be kind, respect humanity. Help the needy and set an example for the coming generation what humanity is? Instead of vanishing humanity.

Be social, be kind share knowledge, happiness, love, joy, laughter in surrounding.

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