Wrapping The Needy

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Every day before I go to bed, I am thanking God that he has given one more day to live and for doing something better and to make our life worth living. I am content with what I have and blessed by what I have… But when I look around my self I notice many things that make me feel sad like poverty, the inability of poor people to fulfill their basic needs.

As at present winter season is on, and the entire country is enjoying this season with lots of happiness and many other things. But the people who are living on streets and those who don’t even have proper clothes to cover their body are striving to get some shelter, proper food, some warm clothes and blankets, but are hardly able to get any…

One day while I was on my way back home, I noticed one old man was sitting below the lamp post and was shivering in the thundering night. As I reached home, I asked my mother to give one old blanket because I want to give the same to that old man sitting below the lamp-post near my home.

My mother gave a taught for a while and then said that- “Yes, we have one used blanket and if I want I can give that to the old man.” Me and my father took out the blanket from our bed and I went to that old man and gave him the blanket my father wrapped the blanket around him and along with 100 Rs.

After receiving the blanket and money, the old thanked us and was said- “God Bless you sir and to your daughter, May God fulfill your wishes and give more wealth.” Me and papa both were happy, as today I did something good for needy and the smile and happy face of that old man made our day.

I don’t belong to a very rich millionaire family, but to a well to do family and I always believe to do something good for others, something which can improve someone’s life and he/she can do something better in their life.

Wrapping the people often gives tremendous happiness in our heart and it can not be compared with anything. We can wrap someone by giving hug when they are emotionally broken, or when we want to share happiness, we can wrap someone who don’t have clothes on their body or have torn clothes, the helps needy poor people, children.

Few days back, while I scrolling on social media I found one video clip of army soldiers- they were distributing blankets to the people who were sleeping on the roadside in the shivering winter night.

The soldiers were going one to one to everyone and were giving them the blankets and those who were sleeping nicely, they were silently wrapping the blankets on them and moving forward to next.

Often we throw are unused woolen clothes, blankets and other stuff, but we don’t think to donate it needy people or wrap the needy people and save them from the shivering cold.

If we are blessed by God that we can reduce someone’s pain then we should try to do it and make someone happy… Wrapping the needy people will always give happiness….


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